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Without high-quality images, you have no chance to be noticed on the Internet today. Whether it is appealing product photos, image photos for your business or article photos for your blog – pictures on the Internet opens the door for the attention of your readers, because we humans are very visually oriented. Often we have already decided by the image, whether we are interested in a product or an article before we even read the headline. Therefore professional image editing is an essential step on the way to more traffic and higher sales.

Fast and competent image editing for your success

As experienced professionals, we get the best out of your footage. We can retouch your product photos, cut out objects, remove the background and much more. Through a professional image editing your pictures are more contrast, sharper, more creative, in short: livelier. Even difficult projects that require work steps such as alpha masking are no problem for us. Even such “hairy” matters as a fluffy coat, your grandmother’s curls, or the fluff of a chick, we work out with so much detail that you think you can touch the subject. The cutting-out of even the finest motifs is just as exciting for us as the task of bringing breathtaking depth into a landscape shot.

Let your product photos be retouched and reach more customers!

We adapt your image material to the design of your website so that a coherent overall picture is created. In doing so, we approach the target group and process your photos so that they attract your desired customers to your page as an eye-catcher. Users unconsciously conclude from the quality of the image material on the quality of the products or the service that you offer.

Use your newly edited photos also to achieve higher viral effects with your social media marketing, because high-quality image contributions are shared more often than mere text contributions! As a full-service agency, we are happy to take over many other services related to your website – so that you reach the target group that brings you sales. So which motives should we set aside for you?

We do not only want to edit your photos but convey your idea

You probably know the feeling when you go to a website, and it looks like you just landed on a junkyard. There is nothing to discover regarding clear design, harmony and unique branding. No picture fits in with another, logo and font are inconsistent and the product photos only invite to click away. For positive user experience, it is imperative that a harmonious design greets visitors to a website. We take care of this harmony.

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