Mobile First

and SEO – what should be considered?

Mobile First and SEO – what should be considered?

Mobile First is the approach to designing a website for mobile devices first and then developing the desktop version. Previously, at the beginning of the Internet, websites were still created for fixed screen sizes. But when the age of smartphones and mobile devices began in 2007 with the first iPhone, it became more and more important to make websites user-friendly for mobile devices. Today, there are countless different devices that can connect to the Internet, from the largest to the smallest screen, be it the TV, the game console, the tablet, the phone or even the smartwatch. Through the so-called responsive web design, it is possible that the site adapts flexibly to the particular device and provides an optimal user experience. Because there is nothing worse for a user than having to constantly scroll and zoom so he can see all the content.

Mobile First and the importance for search engine optimization

Today, more people are using mobile devices to the Internet than with a PC. Of course, search engines like Google and Co take this into account and introduced mobile first indexing. That is, the algorithms prefer the mobile version of the page for ranking. As a website operator, you should if possible, just offer a slimmed down version of the content for the mobile website. It’s even likely that in the future it will no longer be just mobile first, but even mobile only, so that only counts the mobile version of the page. Having a website with responsive web design, it is crucial that the content and the linked content does not differ, so that the Googlebot recognizes the desktop version and the mobile version as a unit and entwines accordingly. Unless one deliberately chooses a separate mobile website, which usually means more work.