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Texts that are easily read and understood.

Texts for visitors and prospects

Website texts are very often written for search engines rather than for website visitors, customers and prospects.

Good website texts, however, are both optimized for search engines (Google & Co) and visitors, written in a customer-friendly way and easy to read. You will not notice the search engine optimization with good web page texts. The primary focus in advertising texts is always on customer friendliness. Excellent and convincing texts ensure that your visitors stay with you to get your desired information, get in touch with you or buy something.

Recognizing topics

Website visitors come to your homepage from search engines, partner pages or recommendations. They are looking for information, products or because they have a problem and need a solution for it.



Texts - what we pay attention to

Clear uniform structure
Meaningful convincing content
Quick recognition of the offer
Advantages of your offer
Benefits of the visitor
Call for action


Translation - what we pay attention to

Translation from native speakers
A holistic concept
Professional translation
6-eye principle

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