more than just 1000 euros

Why professional web design costs more than just 1000 euros

Like almost every other field, there are also countless low-cost providers in the area of web design and website creation. A finished website for 700 euros, 500 euros, or even just 200 euros? It is understandable that such dumping prices are tempting for some, especially if you have to pay attention to your budget and prefer to save. But does saving really pay off here? Isn’t an expensive website ultimately cheaper than one of the many low-cost providers, because a professional site attracts more visitors and thus can make more sales?

What sets a professional website apart from cheap websites?

The problem is that a novice might not be able to recognize an amateur site, at least not at first sight. Because being able to identify a website with a good source code, one would have to be a programmer. Behind a good website that is perfectly tailored to the company or the needs of the customers and also optimized for search engines, there is a lot of work to do. To rank at Google, creating a website with a few mouse clicks on the modular principle is not enough. As far as the design is concerned, running a cheap website threatens to deliver an unprofessional image to the outside world, which could cause damage to your image or that of the company.

How the cost of a professional web design is composed

How many working hours are actually used in the creation of a first-class website? First of all, it takes time for planning and analysis before you can start working on it. You talk to the customer, ask for their individual wishes and goals for the site and what it should be. Then the web designer can start with the definition of the sitemap and the conception – which structure should the site have, which technologies should be used?

The next step is the design. In addition to a professional look, usability should also be considered, an interface that offers the user the best possible experience, such as a good overview, simple navigation, etc. Then the right content has to be chosen. Photos, videos, and graphics are inserted, and a search engine friendly text is written. Care must be taken to ensure that the site remains user-friendly both in the desktop version as well as for a wide range of mobile devices (Responsive Web Design). In the end, the evaluation phase follows, in which the website is thoroughly tested and evaluated, whether all functions are really running smoothly or if there are still any errors.

All these steps together require a working time of between 80 and 140 hours, depending on the size. Real quality needs time. If you start from an adequate hourly wage, it is clear that a professional website cannot cost 500 euros and 1000 euros, but much more.

But in the end, it pays off, because the advantages of a professional website are enormous: your site will be easily found on the Internet and visitors will be amazed. Therefore, never renounce quality by low prices. When it comes to web design, who buys cheap, buys twice.